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With an advancement of world order and system, unlike first world countries about whole the African region is a way behind in technology, economy, modernization and access to latest era. Though from last 2 decades, people from this place are been able to increase their revenue and with the passage of time it being emerged as growing area of the world. Moreover, as we all know internet is spread away without the distinctions of borders so this region has its connectivity throughout. For the purpose of adopting newest infrastructure to communicate with the world, now, one can acquire a remote access this 3rd world territory. One might face difficulties to acquire such connectivity in the form of Shared, Dedicated and Virtual private hosting servers in Africa but we have huge variety in respect of location for our customers, all with English support and convenient payment methods so that one can remotely observe, research and be the part of local business without having any practical presence. You are to deploy a website or app for local citizin under shared hosted platform, looking for a bare metal dedicated server with African continant IPv4 or even of you are to run specific code to utilize your online machine for making it a VPN, Game, Web, Proxy, Email or any kind of server through most sufisticated and affordable manner of consuming maxmal resources to deal with heavy duty programs or to bear higher amount of traffic through Afica based VPS Hosting, We have all ready for you in most competitive rates.

Dedicated hosting Africa

Reliable Host in Africa!

Welcome to My African Host! Become the New Member of Advantaged Service and Professional Solutions. Provided with High Performance and Reliable Infrastructure for your individual to Corporate Web Sites. Run your any site developed by any programming language, including Html, PHP, MySQL, in our fast, reliable and high capacity servers with the corporate hosting packages of My African Host and benefit from our mail services in a non-problematic way without any extra payment.

Our web Hosting services in Africa are provided via our special servers never exceed more than 50 pieces of web sites at most in a physical server. That’s the reason, your sites have high performance and shine among your competitors active faster and enable more features usage and a perfect mail traffic. Another distinguishes befit, our tech team for customer support. Ready to server 7/24 any query or problems.

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VPS Hosting Africa

VPS Hosting Africa

Most of analysts, communities, persons, companies and organizations are well aware of the potential lies in African zone which is still unexplored so if you are to explore or you have to get your share from this market utilizing most advanced and fruitful way of advertisement and reaching at client's doorstep through internet connectivity then you should make a use of locally hosted app or website. Many people do not take notice of what the price they are paying for such platform but large number of individuals always prefer to purchase things in lowest possible costs. As there are yet less ways to acquire a shared hosting plan from African stats but yet availability of dedicated hosting type is quite normal so it is always a costly approach to inquire. In such circumstances, we recommend to provision a VPS Hosting in Africa which is equally good to run top user commands as Administrator in Windows OS and root in Linux. You will also avail large number of resources including dedicated IPv4 which will represent the world your location of data population and also the fastest regional loading for your viewers and buyers. Currently, we are offering multiple location for virtualization in this region like Cairo Egypt, Nairobi Kenya, Lagos Nigeria, Johannesburg South Africa, Accra Ghana and much more are yet in Pipeline. While buying Virtualized container from any mentioned destination with us, you will be guaranteed the higher security, KVM virtualization, in budget prices, Tier III standard datacenters, firm deployed equipment, best connectivity, lowest latency and ahead of all fastest provisioning after placing order and payment. Check available locations, plans and Prices.

Dedicated Server in Africa

Basic form of every kind of online belongings is a dedicated machine, consists of various components, with a vast impact of installed resources in it like RAM, Disk and Processor etc. Most of worldwide community rely on the cheapest solution for being online with their personal data and identity through shared hosting but there are few corporate companies and individuals who always need a bare metal machine, equipped with all devoted resources including bandwidth, internet connection, IPv4 and KVM to shut down and turn on or to re-install operating system at any point. Now the specific kind of dedicated machine is described when one may need a server but also requires to be handled remotely from a particular part of earth with a specified targeted location. Usually such kind of necessities come into action when one has to lower the latency for a particular audience and wants to increase the speed of data transformation and as a result quick loading of live resources. As we know that there are thousands of datacenters worldwide to make this online communication in reach and fast so when you will find yourself to have a heavy duty dedicated hosting in Africa Continent and especially the one as Dedicated Server Egypt, you may find a lot of difficulties to buy one because of lack of availability and less tendency towards technology by this demesne. We being high qualified, professional and long standing carrier in this field now offering you various location in Africa for getting a live dedicated hosting server from any nearby district with all Tier III facilitation.

Dedicated Server Africa

Distinctive Datacenter Services

We are truly one stop shop for shopping server in African Region. Unlimited resources, low prices, award winning after sales support, latest Intel Technology Server and well-crafted packages that all about the focused things we staling. OH one more valuable thing the Data-Center that carry our machines lower Ping time for your everyday best web performance. Control with latest cPanel/Plesk Panel another plus point you would enjoy. Here are Eye Catching Service for our instant web appearance in Africa:

Best Hardware

Best Hardware

Latest Virtual technology brings more fast and rapid performing web form, Never let you down with resources that comes only with all kinds of hosted infrastructure, dependent of stat of the art and branded hardware.

Secure Datacenters

Secure Datacenters

Every measure to maintain, keep up, patched and secure your transmission through our networking has been taken though it is always client's responsibility to make sure the rest what one will deploy and safe for others.

Best Connectivity

Best Connectivity

To deal with purpose of acquiring location based hosted environment and get it most reliable we have made loading faster with least latency and ping rate using most advanced ways and recognized manner of networking.

Best Support

Best Support

Our robust system of in time provisioning, processing or orders, inclusions of many assisted addons for different services and friendly support is the key of our superiority on others.

Customer services

Server administration

Do you require an organization that take care of furious server and security? We are as best in class for management service of Server administrations with industry's best Technical help.

root access

Super Access

Searching for full root accessed Virtual server in Africa at that point get our packages with most recent innovation and equipment foundation for you with top of super user access.

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From 2007 onwards, we are always at your side in your individual and corporate projects! Thanks to our constantly boosted network, our services such as hosting, vps server, Dedicated Server Plans, Domain registration are actively market focused and available within a few minutes. All options comes with following general features.

  • Redundant Network NO Single Point of Failure
  • SSL Implanted Network Security
  • Full-fledged server with Linux and Windows OS option
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The new generation of Intel Xeon series in Africa location. We are a technology company that offers hosting, Server Management and data center solutions for large, small and medium-sized businesses, large and small Ecommerce web apps.

Our Linux Dedicated hosting plans are designed to maximize your time to work for your website and email, allowing each and every customer to get powerful and highly reliable hosting services without having to make expensive hardware investments.

  • Different measures of Hardware Infrastructure.
  • Tire-3 security layer server protection.
  • Same Day Provisioning without any delay time
  • Maximum Management less Tension.

Free Web Builder with Shred Hosting Packages

Each shared hosting plan comes with cPanel, SSL Certificate Free and .com domain for life. With the addition of LiteSpeed technology, our servers are faster than our competitive.

Web hosting Africa WordPress support by just some swipe of clicks. Run your selective ecommerce CMS we have 200+ available ready to go CMS with shred hosting Plans. You may also get free web builder and multiple resources free with each Package. Over all it’s bungle of resource in les charges.

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African VPS Locations and Pricing

Well, web have designed feature-rich low cost Virtualization Packages from numerous Africa based datacenter. Have a look on our Different services Pricing and Plans available for number of destinations. We are pretty sure that you will found us comparatively lowest regarding hosting price and best as Hosting provider in Africa.

USD 29 Starting per Month
VPS Hosting Egypt
USD 21 Starting per Month
VPS Hosting South Africa
USD 38 Starting per Month
VPS Server Kenya
USD 39 Starting per Month
Nigeria VPS Hosting
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